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8 Ways Getting Into A Routine Can Make You A Winner

Routine gets a lot of bad press; not wanting to get stuck in a rut or come across as boring. However, the truth is that you can gain a lot from a ritualistic schedule.

Just like at these examples. 

1. You’ll become overall more productive.

Training yourself to stick to a schedule will make you more efficient and less likely to waste hours procrastinating.

2. You’ll discover loads more free time 

Which you can spend doing something worthwhile like actually writing that essay you’ve been putting off, or applying for the job you saw weeks ago.

3. All that exercise you’ve been putting off? Now attainable. 

You’ll have a fixed timetable in which to fit a gym slot.

4. You can stop neglecting all those soon-to-be-acquaintances you call friends. 

Organised fun! The best kind.

5. And keep up all those traditions you have.

Like going to that particularly crappy pub every Tuesday or having a Domino’s-fuelled Netflix marathon every Thursday evening.



6. It’s easier to maintain a healthy diet.

Like your day, your mealtimes will become routine, meaning you’re not rushing around and cooking something quick and easy at the last minute.

7. You’ll value the spur-of-the-moment plans even more.

When you are constantly doing new things, it can become painful because you miss stability. But this way you’ll appreciate these moments better and they’ll be more memorable.

8. And if none of that convinces you, you could always get a pet.

Because animals need stability and having a routine makes it easier to take care of them. Landlord permitting.

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