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15 Things You Miss About Sheffield Hallam University Now You’ve Graduated

Why did we have to leave all this behind 😩



1. There’s such a mix of architecture, one minute you feel like you’re at Hogwarts…

Uni is pretty sometimes. #sheffieldhallam #collegiate

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2. And the next you’re somewhere much more cutting edge.

….and inside Heart of Campus – love this building! #shulibrary

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3. It probably took you three years to understand the confusing City Campus building

But you learnt to love Hallam’s unconventional ways.

Loved last week at #sheffieldhallamuniversity #openday 👍 #unilife #sheffield #architecture

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4. There’s a unique array of artwork.


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5. And the challenge of trying to read this poem whilst walking up that deadly hill was real.

Sheffield is actually really pretty🌆 #Sheffield

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6. It was hard to concentrate in seminars when you were looking down on the whole amazing city.

Pleasant afternoon!🌻

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7. And you got to enjoy the centrality of Hallam.

8. Whilst having the Peaks on your doorstep.

9. As well as the beautiful Peace Gardens.

It’s only two minutes from City Campus, but was a place where you could get away from the stresses of uni life.

10. And the Botanical Gardens too.

11. Life isn’t the same without West Street Live.

What if you never find another place that has a Chuck Norris or Choccy Biccy shot?

"After all this time?" "Always"

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12. Or Varsity, the social event of the year.

The rivalry between Hallam and Uni of Sheffield is intense.

13. You miss chilling with the rest of Hallam’s student population on Devonshire Green when the weather’s nice.


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14. Almost as much as you miss blue pints.

There is nowhere as simultaneously disgusting and amazing as Corp.

15. Because Hallam will always be home ❤️

Final week vibes. #endofanera

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Life at Hallam was great, but your life as a graduate can be just as good.

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