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12 Things Only Art Students Will Understand

Artists are generally misunderstood, and constantly have to deal with their work being interpreted completely incorrectly. Being an Art student, however, is on a whole other level…

Here are just a few things that only Art students will have to endure:

1. The daily threat of having clothes destroyed by paint, white spirit or other sinus-annihilating materials.

Yes we could wear scruffy clothes, but then we risk taking on the appearance of someone who doesn’t wash and being judged all day.


2. Trying to interpret your tutor’s facial expression when proposing an idea for a new topic.

You’ll always find yourself playing a game of poker as you attempt to interpret your tutor’s facial expressions and body language when trying to explain something you don’t actually yet fully understand.


3. Being encouraged to apply your personality and personal experiences to everything you do yet NOT take it personally when your tutors rips it to pieces.


4.Using as much technical jargon as possible when simply wanting to say “I  like that painting”.

“The work’s compositional components, aesthetic properties and abstract expressionist elements arouse notions of emotional well-being and engage the viewer in a positive, aesthetic experience.” Bullshit at its prime.

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5. Investing all your heart and soul into a single piece of art only to hear someone say “I could’ve done that.”

All you want is for it to be perfect and beautiful and world changing and socially relevant. And the most awful part is that yes, they probably could have done it.

6. Struggling to accept that other creative students doing dance, drama and music can apply for Britain’s Got Talent.

“Today Mr Cowell, I will be drawing the negative space in the room.” Commence the buzzers!

7. Being forever reminded that your subject is not “academic”.

When you could swear you do all the reading, writing and studying as everyone else PLUS the exhibitions, portfolios, sketchbooks and practical work. So hush yo gums!

8. Failing to explain to people that your books may be full of pictures, but you have to read these too.

Which is like this entire language in which nothing is the same and there is no right or wrong and yet you’re still being graded. Great.

9. You’re still not entirely sure what Tracey Emin’s condom-ridden “unmade bed” is all about.

However, if anyone was to look in the average uni room, it’s likely they’d find a fairly good replica.

10. When friends ask “So do you draw and stuff for a degree?”

If you ignore the art history, the art philosophy and aesthetics, the contextual, social and political awareness and the professional and business management and planning; then yes. We just draw and stuff.

11. When you do performance or body art and realise that you’ve become one of those crazy-artsy-people you promised your parents you would never become.

12. Having the awesome ability to create the best and cheapest fancy dress costumes.

Because you are the pinnacle of creative and practical thinking and always have a bizarre array of materials in your room. Obviously.

We’re clearly just too creative for the rest of the world.


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