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10 Hard Truths Every Graduate Must Learn To Live With

Life changes a lot after graduation. 

You’re not gonna like it all, but it’s better to accept it and move on than to live in denial.

1. It might be necessary to settle for an hourly-paid job for the time being.

That dream job takes time.

2. On top of your three years of education, you now have to get a year or 2 minimum experience related to your chosen industry.

The job market is tough and competitive, you gotta do everything you can to get ahead and stand out.

3. You will be asked “so what are you going to do with your degree?” non-stop until you land a job.

Better start coming up with some answers.

4. The ‘Fresher 15’ is real, and it extends throughout university.

All those snacks during essays had to go somewhere.

5. You will have to push the deadline for paying off your overdraft from the end of Summer to the end of the year.

6. Downing 10 Snakebites no longer earns you the title of legend.

Instead it gets you a worrying reputation for not being stable around alcohol.

7. You could just pack it all in and go travelling, except now you don’t have any money. 

Life is hard.

8. Going out on weekdays is no longer an option, unless of course you are from a student town in which case you will slowly become one of those locals you used to despise.

A creep.

9. You’ll find it hard to break out of your student habits. Particularly your devotion to Tesco Value spirits.

Those couple of pounds can be spent better elsewhere, right?

10. There is nothing more upsetting than not returning to uni in September. 

This is when post-uni blues hit hardest. It sucks, but everyone has to go through it.



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