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12 People You’ll Inevitably Find On Tinder

Oh, Tinder. You see the same faces over and over no matter how many times you swipe right.



1. The Deceiver.

This person looks like a supermodel in their pictures but in real life is just your average-joe which can sometimes work out but can also be a complete failure.

2. The Go-Getter.

They see what they want and they do everything in their power to go and get it. Diving straight in with no questions or small talk. Be prepared for conversation starters like “so what are you looking for?” and when you reply “unsure”, don’t be offended if they fail to reply.

3. The Rebound.

The Rebound person has just got out of a relationship, so be careful to not just be the bit on the side during a complicated break-up or comfort for the time being.

4. The Taken One.

You will probably get on with this person really well and they will chat for a while but sometimes there will be those long pauses (even days) when they don’t message you. This usually means either they are hinting at you that, “I’m no longer interested”, or they are with their partner. Hence the long pauses.

5. The Pest/Stalker.

Pretty straight forward, they will keep chatting to you until you agree to a date. You will probably receive the following: Facebook message; Twitter message; Facebook friend request and 5 messages a day. Minimum.

6. The Pop-Up.

This person no matter how many times you swipe left keeps popping up and this usually means they have swiped right for you.

7. The Accident.

This person is that person after the person you meant to swipe right for. We’ve all done it.

8. The Silent One.

This person will be on your match list forever but never has the decency to talk first. Don’t be offended if when you initiate conversation they don’t reply, or there are a few hit and miss messages because it’s likely that two thirds of your match list aren’t talking. Confusing, I know.

9. The Blocker.

This person is the one you really wanted to speak to and when you finally pluck up the courage to talk first, they have vanished off of the list. Sorry you have just been custard pied.

10. The One You Secretly Know.

No need for an explanation for this person, they are probably within 4km and you’re ecstatic when that notification comes through as a new match.

11. The Grouper.

This person has decided out of all the pictures they have taken, they choose to put each of their 6 distinct images as group pictures. Therefore, you have to ask yourself whether it’s worth risking the swipe right just in case you miss out. Hopefully it’s not the 4th one in from the left.

12. The Keeper?

The question mark is there because this is the person you have been talking to for a while but you are not sure where it’s going. You have probably exchanged phone numbers, Snapchat and Facebook usernames but you’re going to have to meet to see where things lead from then on. Good luck and just remember if anyone asks how you met, it was in a bar.



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Want to write an article like this?

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