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16 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Studied at the University of Nottingham

Only a true Notts student will understand the following…

1. First and foremost, there is intense rivalry between Trent and Uni of.

Our chant is the worst. Everything else is the best. This rivalry runs deep – think “your dad works for my dad.”

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2. As well as the weird halls rivalry.

Where you live in first year is important. Catered? Non-catered? Off-campus? Rutland?

there's no place like home🏰 #nottingham#campus#rutlandhall#homefortheyear#halls#firstyear

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3. You probably live in Lenton if you’re not in first year.

If you don’t, then, let’s face it, nobody is coming to yours before a night out. You probably live closer to campus though.

4. And living in Lenton means you bump into everybody you’re trying to avoid in the Sainsbury’s on Derby Road.

Leading to many awkward conversations, sometimes in your pyjamas.



5. Trying to get the 34 bus from Lenton to get to your 9am on time is impossible.

It’s important to just accept your fate. If you live further down than Sainsbury’s, then don’t even bother.



6. Hallward Library is the absolute worst.

It sticks out on the University Park Campus like a massive sore thumb, is hotter than hell in the summer, and almost impossible to find a seat in during exam season.

들어가보고 싶엇는데.. #난학생이아니네 #hallwardlibrary #nottingham

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7. Otherwise, Uni Park Campus is the prettiest place.

If we aren’t considering the library-that-shall-not-be-named, the vast green spaces and gorgeous buildings on this campus make it the perfect place to be.

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8. Oddly, Jubilee Campus is a close second.

In an “I don’t really get it but I like it” sort of way.

📚📝📈 #memorylane #jubileecampus #nottingham and the last time I stepped foot onto this campus was 2011

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9. And it seems like the Sutton Bonington Campus is entirely mythical.

You’ve probably never been and will probably never go. Unless you study there, you’re not even 100% sure if this place is real.

Perfect Campus 🍃#Suttonbonington#Campus#University#Nottingham#UoN#Nott#Erasmus

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Head Over Feels


10. You dread having to make the walk up Portland Hill.

Why does it seem so huge?!

Celebrate the #winter #sunset view from #portlandhill bus stop #nottingham #uon #university #uk

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11. And learn to accept that the geese are kings on campus. There’s nothing you can do about it.

They can literally stop traffic.

Perhaps the best thing about campus 😄🙈 #beastsofuon #geese

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12. You’ve probably never actually rowed a boat on the lake.

Even though you keep saying you want to.

13. But you will have gone onto the stepping stones.

They make for a great photoshoot spot too.

Using campus facilities as intended. #Nottingham #UoN

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14. Everyone knows what you’re talking about when you say “Ocean Friday”.

Ocean is the Marmite of Nottingham nightlife – you’ll love it or hate it, but can’t ignore it. Either way, you’re gonna have a blast if you go with friends.

Ocean baby! #BigO #OceanFridays #🏊

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15. And the same goes for CRISIS Wednesday.

Think sports teams, and being crammed into the smoking area like cattle.

We're ready for ya🙌

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16. Whatever happens though, you know for sure that there’s no place you’d rather be.

We’ll always love you, Nottingham ❤️

What a pretty weather 🌞❤

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