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16 Things You Miss About The University of Salford Now You’ve Graduated

There’s more to miss than you might think.



1. How unexpectedly beautiful it is.

So pretty 😻🍃🍂🍁 #pumpkinspiceeverything 💁🏼☕️

A photo posted by Ana 🌿✈️🌍📚 (@anavines) on

2. And the look on people’s faces when they realise this.



3. That good old Salford spirit.

Where else will you find such a dry sense of humour?

via giphy


4. And having your picture taken here.

After all those years of living nearby I finally got to see it and pose as Morrissey. #love

A photo posted by Georgia Redman🌹 (@georgia.redman) on

5. Being so close to Manchester City Centre.

Such a lovely day in #manchester

A photo posted by Dan Wootton (@danwootton) on

6. And to MediaCityUK.

Beautiful photo of our studio building this morning. Thanks to Alys Harte for sharing 📸🌅

A photo posted by MediaCityUK (@mediacityuk_official) on

7. Never being short of a pub to go to.

Favourite Salford pub

A photo posted by Millie Smith (@millieetog) on

8. Nor of great nights out in general.

Just finished the last minute design work for freshers week at #fifthnightclub

A photo posted by Iphone 5c and Fuji X100s (@iamsuzannemurphy) on

9. You’ll even miss your lectures.



10. Especially those given by one of Salford’s many incredible guest lecturers.



11. Having access to the super cheap university gym.

Refurbished #gym.👍🏻👌

A photo posted by Akis K. (@akis82k) on

12. And seeing these guys all the time.

13. How ~alternative~ Salford is.

Streets of Salford #salford #manchester #UK #streetart

A photo posted by Saiva Urbonaviciute (@ryzafeja) on

14. And how much the university is improving.

Ambition (noun): A strong desire to do or achieve something. #ambition #salforduni #goals #determination #future

A photo posted by Frankie Stanford (@frankiestanford95) on

15. Salford, you were a blast.

Morning ☕️

A photo posted by F6amy Al Attiya¹⁹⁸⁶ (@f6amyalattiya) on

16. And heaven knows we’re miserable now 😭

A photo posted by Alyousef 🌸 SMY (@just_smy) on

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