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10 Things That Always Happen During Pre-Drinks

Ah pre-drinks, the epitome of student class and the prerequisite for any night out. Time to break the ice, embrace inebriation, and play Ring of Fire or I Have Never until you know every filthy detail about one another.

Whether you have assembled your closest friends or a group of willing strangers; the following are likely to occur in every communal area:

1. The awkward sober silence

The night has just started, the bottle opener’s being passed around and no one is really enjoying the prospect of a night of heavy drinking. Queue yawns, meagre sips of vodka mixers and awkward glances around the table until the keeno of the group shouts “SHOTS?”



2. Someone will assign themselves the role of DJ

On the sole basis that they have a Soundcloud account and know all the “sick tunes”. Nobody else is allowed to touch the ipod for the duration of the night.

3. Songs will be belted out terribly

Due to the DJ’s obscure playlist, the drunkards in all of us will shriek with excitement to any song we even remotely recognise and, quite literally, yell what we hope are the lyrics. Security may have to come up to check that nobody is getting hurt.

4. Someone will reveal too much during I Have Never

There’s always that one person who’s a bit too honest. The shocking confessions are often met by looks of disgust and bewilderment. And of course, banter for the rest of your student life.


5. Drinks will be spilt

The over-enthusiast determined to prove himself as a LAD will attempt to down the shit mix, which contains wine, beer, vodka and what looks like food remnants. Of course, 50% of it will miss his mouth and leave him with a beautifully abstract shirt.

giphy (3)

6. Someone will vomit 

The rookie of the group will peak too soon after attempting two consecutive shots. For them, the night ends at 10:45 when they are eventually put to bed by an equally drunk and equally useless friend.


7. Someone will cry and probably lock themselves in the toilet

After enough alcohol, the emotional wreck is released and on the hunt for listening ears. The unfortunate ones who make direct eye contact will spend the rest of their night as agony aunt, repeating “you can do better!”


8. People will try to flirt in a secret but obvious way

Despite what they think is hidden flirting, EVERYONE can not help but notice the two exchanging sultry glances and holding hands under the table. As the night progresses and the alcohol takes its toll, their subtlety will wane until they’re mounting each other in the post-club kebab shop while you awkwardly third wheel.

giphy (4)

9. Someone will suggest a risqué game

After several arguments over which game to play, the person who was silently sitting in the corner suddenly emerges with a ‘genius’ idea. No, you predator, Strip Ring of Fire is not a thing.

giphy (5)

10. And of course, lots of selfies will be taken

Before the freshly applied make-up is sweated or cried off of your face, several well-angled selfies must be taken to document the night. Which of course, will worsen as the night progresses.

giphy (6)

Who doesn’t love a good pre-drinking session?

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