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13 Signs Your Life Could Be an Episode of The Inbetweeners

Since it conquered the nation in 2008, The Inbetweeners has done more for its clammy student demographic than just bring the word “bumder” into the English language.

Will, Simon, Jay and even Neil have given everyone justification for their socially awkward blunders, making students across the world appreciate that, actually, they are somewhat normal in comparison.

The show beautifully captures every awkward and anticlimactic encounter you have undergone in your student existence. In a string of inappropriate banter, regrettable decisions and “your mum” jokes, none of us can say we’ve not experienced one of these moments:

1. You feel powerful when you get in a friend’s car

There is nothing greater than calling shotgun and having the power to judge all the meagre pedestrians. It’s safe to say, every single one of us have attempted a bus wankers shout at some point.



2. You’re subjected to “your mum” jokes at least 1000 times a day

And of course, responding with your own. Your mum jokes are a valid rite of passage during your teenage years and are possibly the most effective insults of the 21st century.



3. You feel shock and disgust when you discover your friends have other friends

“Who the f*** was that?!” Suddenly your whole world comes crashing down around you, how and when did they even meet them? Queue imminent feelings of jealousy and self-doubt while exuding nonchalant banter, “OOH FWENDS.”

4. You’ve acquired an unfortunate nickname based on one thing you did or wore ages ago

Unfortunately all of your peers have a better memory than you’d hoped. If you wore a pretty outlandish outfit on your first day of uni, it will become your signifier and haunt you forever.



5. You understand the absolute agony that is revision

Like Will, you’ve colour-coded everything, armed yourself with several red bulls and spent a good few hours of your life re-reading the same page until you have to Google words you learnt in primary school as they don’t look right.



6. And the absolute agony that is exams

As well as attempting the daunting question paper in front of you and fighting off a public break down, exams also consist of trying to contain a coughing fit, creating extensive back stories for every invigilator and pondering fairly existential thoughts.



7. Your friends mention their significant other ALL THE TIME

Sure, you’re glad that they’re happy, but it gets difficult to feign interest while you’re being told what they had for dinner last night. Please discuss anything else?



8. You find nothing funnier than profanities on a road sign

You may well be in your twenties, but when someone strategically graffiti’s a road sign you will giggle like an intoxicated hyena.



9. Your first time was INCREDIBLY uncomfortable

Let’s be honest, as much as you’d like to think you recreated a steamy scene from a Hollywood movie, it was more like being mounted by a dead fish. You were delusional to think otherwise.



10. You once tried dirty talk and it was truly mortifying 

There is no doubt about it, being asked to partake in dirty talk is quite possibly the most soul destroying and mortifying situation to find yourself in, especially while sober. DID I REALLY JUST SAY THAT?

tumblr_loyp418Sg31qekvhfo1_500 (1)


11. You’ve over experimented with hair gel at some point in your life

Trying to create an edgy bedhead look and ending up looking like a greasy Dot Cotton. We have all been there.



12. Leaving your Facebook signed in is simply not an option

It is an unspoken law that if your friend leaves their Facebook logged in you must frape them – the more creative and socially disturbing, the better.



13. You’ve experienced the danger of beer goggles

Beer goggles are a legitimate thing. You went to bed with a ten and woke up with a three. Maybe slow down on the drinking and, if your friends are observing you in absolute horror, walk away from the “Brad Pitt look a like”



It’s almost like you’re the fifth Inbetweener. 

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