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8 Things Every Student Who Lives At Home Will Understand

Not everyone chooses to go to a university halfway across the country. Some of us choose to stay at home and travel in everyday; we are the stay-at-home commuter students.

There are blessings that come with this, including less rent (depending on how annoyed your parents are with you) and being the cool person in the first couple of weeks who knows all the local hot spots. After a while, though, the novelty wears off. Particularly in the winter terms.

1. When you get the bus to uni, it’s dark. By the time you get home, it’s dark.

You essentially become the living embodiment of Gollum.

2. You can spot students on the bus in the morning because they all look pale, and are wishing they were still in bed.

You are one of them.

3. You spend the journey home every day thinking about all the work you’ve got to do that evening.

4. You start the term with good intentions, planning to use your journey time productively.

Perhaps you’ll listen to some podcasts or work on your latest assignments. Within days, however, you will be listening to music and focusing on nothing uni-related at all.

5. You ration books from the library lest you do your back in carrying them all home.

You can do an assignment with two books at a time, right?

6. You spend the winter term praying for snow, so you can have just one day where you don’t have to get up so early.

If it snows when you’re already at university though, you panic that you’ll be stranded and have to spend the night in the library.

7. People ask you which halls you’re in and it’s always awkward. 

Quickly, just say anything.

8. And planning anything with uni friends is never as simple as it should be.

They all live 5 minutes from the best bars, you, however, have to worry about a £20 taxi ride home.

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