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10 Family Members You Will Have To Endure This Christmas

It’s that time of year again, when all the family gets together for some food, drink, and guaranteed good times. Amidst the roast dinner, presents and mulled wine, Christmas brings out the best and worst in us all.

Whether it’s the nosy Aunt or embarrassing Uncle, here are 10 types of family members likely to make or break your Christmas celebrations:

1. The tipsy Mum

After having a glass (or three) too many of champagne, the tipsy mum tends to act in such a way that, to the relief of all the family, only ever arrives once a year. Whether she’s dancing around in circles, or pouring her heart out about how she couldn’t be more proud of her lovely children, the result is always embarrassment of the highest order.

tipsy mum 2


2. The embarrassing Dad/Uncle

Whether they’re making a fool of themselves on the karaoke, or insisting on filming you opening your presents despite the fact that you’re 20-something years old and already know what it is you’re unwrapping, this family member guarantees an uncomfortable and frustrating dose of Christmas cringe.



3. The inappropriate one

Every year there’s someone who takes things too far and ruins it for everybody else. Normally this comes via the route of over-intoxication, which goes swiftly from being funny to a  major inconvenience, especially when they inevitably bring up some forbidden topics that are well known family taboo. The quicker they pass out, the better for everyone else.

falling over


4. The backwards Grandparent

This OAP will rant  and rave about how great this country used to be back in their day, while laying the blame at the feet of the ‘youth of today’. Almost always found with a fresh copy of the Daily Mail in their lap, they aren’t malicious or nasty, but they’ll have everyone around the table wishing the topic of conversation would hurry up and change.

racist granparent


5. The hyperactive younger Sibling

Overwhelmed with the uncontrollable excitement of Christmas, they’ll eat all their sweets and chocolate before midday, spending the rest of the afternoon jumping around and generally being highly annoying.  To the relief of everyone else, they’re likely to crash early after spending large amounts of energy.

hyperactive kid


6. The family pet

Very much a part of the Christmas proceedings; upon receiving a mini-stocking full of their very own gifts, the excitement of unexpected treats and a combination of lots of people, excitable kids, and plenty of food causes them to be a permanent nuisance for the rest of the day.

christmas dog


7. The gossip Aunt

There’s always one Aunt who thinks she’s truly down with the kids, and thus wants to know all about your love life and ‘crazy’ social life. She’ll know your Facebook profile like it’s her own diary, and ask you questions about the friends she’s never met. Be careful what you reveal to this one, her lips won’t remain sealed for very long.



8. The Politician

The Politician feels the need to make the most of a rare family gathering by telling everyone just why [insert political party of choice here] have ruined the economy. They usually have their own ‘expert’ answers to the big questions, and if only someone would listen to them, everything would be as it should be in the world. Likely to lose their temper when others don’t share their views.

table flip


9. The Killjoy

Quite often a teenager going through the stage of hating everything and everyone, the killjoy can’t stand the commercialisation of Christmas and so chooses to sit moodily in the corner, listening to really loud and really bad music, while refusing to participate in any remotely fun activities.

i hate everything


10. The Disappointment

Usually a Mother or Grandma, they think they’ve got you the perfect present. The surprise inevitably isn’t what you were expecting – you either already have it, or simply don’t want or need it. Despite your very best acting skills, it’s obvious to everyone that you’re underwhelmed. Everyone except whoever bought you it that is; they’re still caught up in their own perceived brilliance to notice.



Despite the frustrating moments that each of these family members creates, make sure to put on a brave face and stick it out. It’s only one day, after all.

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