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The Labour Party Have Said They’ll Scrap Tuition Fees If They Win The General Election

It’s been revealed that the Labour party are planning on scrapping university tuition fees if they get into power.

Yes, footage has emerged of shadow Chancellor John McDonnell saying in a speech that Labour would be “scrapping tuition fees once and for all” if they get into power.

“Education is not a commodity to be bought and sold,” he said, adding that it should be “free at the point of need throughout life.”

As you know already, fees are currently capped at £9,250 per year, with around 3/4 of English universities charging the full amount. So naturally, scrapping the fees would be a welcome pledge from any political party for students.

But as you also already know, this isn’t the first time a political party has made big promises about tuition fees that sound too good to be true. *cough* Nick Clegg *cough*

The pledge to scrap tuition fees isn’t yet an official Labour manifesto promise, but it is certainly a major development, and one that comes as student voter registration is soaring. Labour in particular has been focusing its efforts on the 18-24 year old demographic this time around after only 43% of them turned out to vote in 2015.

There’s no doubt that tuition fees are a powerful subject, and one that could persuade thousands of students to cast what could be an otherwise unused vote.

Will you be voting Labour?

  • I was going to vote Labour anyway
  • Definitely, this has swung it for me
  • Not sure. I believe that they want to scrap fees, but not that they will
  • No, this has brought back bad memories from 2010

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