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7 Lessons Your Sibling Learnt From You Going To University First

While you’re penniless, jobless and still living with mum and dad, your chippy sibling is going to university. And they’re armed with the benefits of your mistakes.

via BuzzFeed

via BuzzFeed

1. They’ll be better with money. And if not, at least your parents will be more prepared for their financial woes.

”Your brother got £70 a week and we still had to bail him out, so you’re probably going to need more money.” or “it’s okay your brother went through the same thing we were expecting it.”

2. They’ll have benefited from all of your words of wisdom and sage advice.

Don’t live with the rugby team in your second year and pasta-bake is cheap but very fattening.

3. They’ll do a degree that actually equals a job.

After seeing their sibling graduate and realise that there are no such things as a 18-20k graduate philosopher or Native American studies job, they will go ahead and pick a degree with a clear goal in sight like marketing or computer science.

4. They’ll not go catered and will know all the tricks for finding a house.

They’ll have witness you live off microwavable pizzas and cereal; and saw how much stress you were under trying to find a suitable house after first year. They have it easy.

5. They’ll (probably) be more productive.

Unlike you, they’ll take advantage of societies and clubs, do wor- related internships and write for the student paper. Pretty much all the things you now wish you’d done but couldn’t find the time for between Netflix, COD and hitting golf balls off the top of your halls.

6. Your parents will be less embarrassing around them.

By the time your sibling goes to uni your parents will have learnt to be more socially acceptable. This time they won’t add all their child’s new uni friends on Facebook or come up to visit unannounced with cupcakes.

7. They’ll buy their uni hoodie in the first week.

So in three years it’ll look stylishly worn-out and not as if you just bought it to show everyone in the gym that you’re a graduate.

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