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6 Things You Didn’t Expect To Happen In Your 20s

Life throws a lot of surprises at you. Mainly in your 20s. 

Below are the 6 things that take most twentysomethings by surprise:

1. Being as poor as you are.

Moving back home after university can be a tough adjustment, but it also teaches you the true meaning of money. With no student loan to splash out on, the thought of going out on a regular occasion is put to the back of your mind as you frantically search for a full-time job to bring in that head-earned paycheck. Even then, money will be spent on necessities such as food and toiletries, so treasure those memories of wild nights as student as they will become a thing of the past.

2. You can’t get away with going out every night.

Once you have officially graduated and have left university, your social life takes a bit of a dive. All your friends are in different parts of the country and you simply do not have the time to go out and party like you did when you were a student. And you will certainly be frowned upon if you act like this…

3. You will be confused.

You’ve finished university and are ready to start a whole new chapter. You’re going to know exactly what you want to do and jump straight into the job you’ve always dreamed of – right? Wrong. Instead, you’re left feeling confused and wondering what on earth you’re doing with your life.


4. Having no more birthdays to look forward to.

After the age of 21, what else is there to look forward to? It’s legal for you to drink and drive (not at the same time) and you’re now officially an adult – so what’s next? That’s right, your 30s. 



5. You are much more independent. 

You may feel like your degree is getting you nowhere, but one thing university has taught you is to stay strong and remain independent. Even when you’re having one of those days, you have now successfully learnt to cope with the ups and downs of life.



6. Realising you actually did miss being at home.

Although university was probably the best time of your life, it is always nice to be in the comfort of your own home where you can walk into a room without catching pneumonia.

Who knew?

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