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10 Irritating Questions You Should Never Ask A Geography Student

Every uni course receives misinformed questions and insults from those who don’t study it, but there’s one that will possibly never be properly understood; Geography.

Most questions regarding the choice of your degree are annoying, however, these are the ultimate when irritating a Geography student:

1. “So is that just colouring in then?”

Yes, yes it is. I pay up to £9,000 a year to learn how to stay within the lines. On track for a First!

2. “Did you not want to work hard at University?”

No, I thought that picking a subject that entails learning bits of politics, history, anthropology, sociology, statistics, religious studies and law would be a piece of cake.

3. “Oh, so you want to be a teacher then?”

Oh yes, definitely. It’s not like Geography graduates are heavily sought after for roles in town planning, environmental planning, resource management, humanitarian development, surveying, cartography and journalism.

4. “Isn’t global warming just a lie?”

Please stop talking.

I'm sorry, but were you born stupid

5. “Is it going to rain/be sunny/snow today?”

Just because I study Geography, that does not mean I am automatically a weatherman. In fact, I barely even touch meteorology because it’s based on maths and statistics… Who likes statistics?

I dont know how to answer that

6. “Do you know the capital/flag/landmark of [insert obscure country here]?”

No. Seriously, is this the only reason you invite me to pub quizzes?

7. “You must really enjoy colouring in?!”

Again?! Just no.

8. “Do wind turbines really make any difference?”

9. “You’re so lucky, you must have been on trips all the time?”

Yep, that’s the exact reason why I chose it in the first place.

10. “So are you a vegetarian and into recycling and stuff?”

No. Just because I’m interested in the world, it does not mean that I am a hippy.

They’ll stop when you get the job of your dreams, right? …Right?!

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