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22 Things Only Lancaster University Students Will Understand

The average student experience at Lancaster University is unlike any other…

1. The Campus Bubble.

There’s life beyond Campus?!



2. The appeal of Sugarhouse.

Queuing for an hour in the rain? It’s worth it, even if it does smell of feet.

3. The Carleton.

£5 entry, Stiff ‘uns and mingling with the inhabitants of Morecambe? Yes please.

4. Having to survive without Nando’s.

It seriously affects the hangover coping capability of most students in Lancaster

5. Forgetting that children exist.

Another effect of the campus bubble. Seeing one for real in town is quite disconcerting at first.

6. Having to get permission to party.

Obtaining it is a pain in the arse, best just to risk the wrath of the Porter/Dean.

7. The appearance of attractive people during exam season.

Where do they all come from?!

8. The Spine.

Overtaking slow walkers and turning it into a (marginally risky) game.

9. Despite 2 years of noisy, annoying renovations, the underpass is still creepy.

10. Extrav ticket stress.

“so, you’re buying mine for County and I’m buying yours for Fylde”…but then who’s buying mine for Grizedale?!”

11. Wishing you’d seen a map of campus before picking Lonsdale or County College.

Lancaster University / The Daily Touch

Lancaster University / The Daily Touch

12.  Using the proximity of the Lake District as a factor when choosing Lancaster, then not even going there once during your degree.

13. Roses is a big deal.

14. Hangover + Greggs = cured.

So what if the queue makes you 15 minutes late for a lecture?

15. Being late to everything because “it’s only on campus”.

Lectures, sports events, tutor meetings, exams… you never leave enough time.

16. Having to pay £20 for a taxi because you missed the last bus back from The Carleton.

17. Putting on shorts when it’s sunny, only for it to start hailing by the time you reach campus.

Cheers Lancaster.

18. “Isn’t it a really quiet, boring Uni?”

Just. No.

19. Picking a college is hard.

A sorting hat would solve any problems and prevent last minute changes to a different college so you can graduate with people you’re actually friends with.

20. Rivalry with Cumbria Uni is fierce.

“Your Dad works for my Dad.”

21. Living in town in 2nd year and bringing your bike to save paying for bus fares… then spending £163 on a bus pass anyway.

22. After 2 years of being promised a shiny, new gym – it finally opens just as you’re about to leave.


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