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14 Times Disney Summed Up How You Feel About Leaving Uni Next Year

So you’re in your final year and the thought of leaving is starting to get to you. At least you’re not going through it alone…

1. At first you’re confident it’s too far away and you don’t need to worry yet.

2. Until you realise how little time you have to sort out your grades.

And stop your parents from being disappointed in you.

3. You look back on how much you’ve changed since first year.

4. And you start to worry about having to leave your friends behind.

5. Not to mention the fact you’ll have to become a real adult.

6. You dodge all questions about jobs. 

7. And regret not doing more work in the previous years.


8. Because you still don’t know how to reference properly.


9. You wish you could just start all over again.

10. And you will ask yourself whether it has all been worth it.


11. You can’t even think about moving back home with your parents.


12. Or having to say goodbye to people at graduation.


13. So for now you just continue making the most of your days as a student.

14. And hope that when next year comes around, you won’t be as emotional about the whole thing as you are now.


Though we all know that’s unlikely 🙈💔

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