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14 Signs Your Parents Are Completely Over You Moving Out

It’s always the same when you move out. Tears are shed while your parents talk about how they “can’t believe you’re all grown up” and insist they’re “going to miss you so much!”

But honestly, don’t believe a word they say.

Your parents may miss you to begin with, but once these signs start showing up, they’re well and truly over it…

1. They’ll ask “So, how long did you plan on staying for exactly?” whenever you go home.

2. You’ll call them for a catch up, just to have them bail on you because they’re going out to see their friends.

While you’re sat in your room alone. Think about that for a second.

3. Your once-bedroom becomes more of a storage cupboard for their things.

4. Well, that’s if it’s left as your room at all…

“We’ve always wanted an office!” Well I’ve always wanted to be LOVED. How dare you.

5. When complaining about how you’ve got absolutely no money for food, their only response is “Oh, you’re so silly.”

No, I’m so HUNGRY. You need to send me money or I shall die, don’t you care?

6. You can only go home for a week before they start the dreaded rent conversation.

7. They’ve stopped calling you more often than fortnightly.

8. They’ve stopped liking every one of your facebook updates.

9. They’ll inform you that they’ve planned a family holiday! Oh, you want to come? 

Too bad.

10. They’ve decided to get a new pet.

Yes, you have been replaced.

11. When you visit, they will refer to said pet as your brother or sister.

12. If you have siblings who are still at home, parents will tell you all about the things they’ve been doing together.

The dog replacement I understood, but this?

13. They get a new form of technology without asking you a million questions before or after they buy it.

“The sales assistant was just so helpful!” That’s it, I’m officially of no use to you any more.

14. You plan a trip home, just to find that they’re already busy going out the night you get back.

Parents have plans that don’t revolve around our return? Nope. Not acceptable.

They’re just one step short of changing the locks.

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