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16 Bad Decisions You’ll Make In Your 20s

Let’s face it, in our twenties we make some of the most horrendous mistakes of our lives.

There will be countless occasions when we’ll wake up in the morning and cringe at the things we did the day before, and we’re not only talking about the stuff we do when drunk…

1. Staying up until 2am to watch Game of Thrones at US time.

I have to be up at 7, what am I doing?

2. Buying a Starbucks on any sort of regular basis.

Basically, this is you:

3. “Ah don’t worry about it, I’ll get this round!”

What am I saying?! I have no money!

cry money

4. Chasing somebody who expresses absolutely no interest in you.

Just let it go, and accept that they’re an arse anyway.

5. Spending around £1,000,000 on nights out, trying to maintain your student lifestyle.

6. Choosing a job that leaves you living for the weekend.

No one actually enjoys their job, do they? What, they do?

7. Confusing ‘want’ with ‘need’ where anything materialistic is concerned.

You definitely need a new outfit for that night out. Don’t lie.

8. Spending every penny of your pay cheque every month.

Savings… Like money that you don’t use? But why?

9. Joining Tinder when you’re looking for a serious relationship.

10. Trying to maintain a lifestyle that you can’t afford.

But if the people on Made In Chelsea can do it, why can’t I?

11. Moving in with total strangers.

So this could go either way, but let’s face it, nothing makes you hate a person quicker than when they steal your milk.

12. Buying dinner out every. single. day.

Nothing says adult like a packed lunch. Sob.

13. Staying up past midnight when you have to be up at 7am for work.

You can’t live on 3 hours sleep anymore, sorry.

14. Ordering Domino’s on any day that isn’t Tuesday.

Yes, this means you can order two on Tuesday for yourself. It’s cost effective.


15. Facebooking/tweeting/instagramming your entire life.

If you let your food go cold because you’re trying to choose the perfect filter, you need to have a word with yourself.

16. Calling anyone when drunk. Friends, ex, Mum, anyone.

You may think confessing your undying love for your ex from 4 years ago is what needs to be done, but it truly isn’t. Put the phone down.

But hey, rules are made to be broken right?

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