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17 People You Never Want To See Again After Finishing Uni

Ah university. The time where you drink too much, make amazing memories and meet lots of people who will become your friends for life…

And some who you’d rather just excused themselves from your life forever. Bye guys.

1. The lecturers who always ask you what your opinion on a topic is when you’ve clearly got no idea what’s going on.

Can’t we just pretend I’m not here?

2. Your housemate who swears they paid the same amount for bills as you but definitely didn’t.

3. The person from your course who was always prepared for everything, 3 weeks in advance.

Don’t you have Netflix to watch and alcohol to drink like the rest of us? Come on now, priorities.

4. Library freshers.

You’re in first year. Go home.

5. That annoying attention-seeker who always pretends to be really drunk at house parties.

Why are you screaming? Calm down, right now.

6. The nice but incredibly weird person on your course who you always end up trapped talking to for hours.

help me

7. That person you really regret sleeping with last year.

And have since bumped into every time you’ve left the house.

8. Overly-enthusiastic club promoters.

The greatest night of the year? But it’s a Sunday?

9. The guy at the takeaway who knows your name and order off by heart.

Will also be sorely missed, but the shame is just too much. Best we go our separate ways.

10. All those people who witnessed the time when you drunkenly danced like you were starring in a Beyoncé video.

11. Those spaced-out, philosophical friends who tell you to ‘fuck the system’ and not worry about going to lectures and getting a job.

But… Money?

12. People on your course who always get a first, despite telling you they started their assignment the day before deadline.

13. The neighbours who make noise complaints whenever you have a party.

14. The absolute arsehole who always recalls your library books right before your deadline.

15. The people who absolutely cannot be left alone with your laptop, under any circumstances.

Oh, meatspin left open when I come back from the toilet in the library? Great!

16. Your friend’s ex who you’re obligated to hate.

So much effort. So many frown lines.

17. The ‘friend’ who brings up all your shameful secrets when playing I Have Never.

Reunion? No.

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