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18 Annoying Things People In Couples Say That Will Piss You Off

Being single is great; complete freedom, not having the valentine’s day obligation, and never having to deal with someone’s awful sleep etiquette.

There are a few things you do miss out on by being single however, and for those things, we have friends in couples on hand to remind us.

These are comments you can expect from friends in couples that are guaranteed to piss you off. Thanks, guys!

1. “Oh no, I have to make my own dinner tonight.”

I have to make my own dinner every night. Shut up.

2. “How are you still single?!”

Because nobody wants to go out with me? I don’t know, is this a trick question?

3. “I know someone great for you! Let me set you up with them?”

Like the last one who showed up and told me everything I’d ever need to know about their ex? Oh yeah, love to.

4. “Not trying to interfere, I just want you to be as happy as we are.”

I get it, you’re happy and I’m bitter. Don’t you see that we’d just upset the dynamics of our friendship if this changed, though?

5. “I might be able to do something on Friday night, will have to check what my boy/girlfriend is doing first, though.”

Second choice, I see how it is.

6. “I really want you to meet someone like I have, it’s like being in love with your best friend.”

7. “In fact, what about [name of your best friend], have you ever thought of dating?”

8. “Ha, you could always get a few cats!”

Funny and acceptable when said by other single people, but you? Not so much.

9. “You should really get off Tinder, they’re definitely not the types of people you should be dating.”

Other single people who have no idea how to converse in a regular social setting? Sounds great to me.

10. “…But then again my friend met someone really great on there who wasn’t only looking for a hook up, maybe you will!”

You clearly have absolutely no idea what Tinder is about.

11. “You should go and see that new film, we loved it.”

Functioning as a ‘we’ now. Good.

12. “We haven’t had sex in a week, do you think something’s wrong?”

Please take your ‘problems’ elsewhere.

13. “So lucky to be in love with my best friend in the entire world! #bestfriend #soulmate #solucky #boyfriend #girlfriend”

Instant unfollow.

14. “Aww you’re still single? I’m sure you’ll find someone eventually, it just takes time to find the one.”

15. “I hate when he/she’s away, it’s so horrible sleeping by myself.”

Poor thing, are you going to be okay?


16. “I don’t think I’d even know how to be single now, I don’t know how you do it.”

Function as a single entity? Well it’s a real day-to-day struggle, but I’m a strong person so I manage to get through it. Some days I even only cry once!

17. “You just need to be more…”


18. “It must get so lonely being by yourself sometimes.”

Since when did enjoying time alone become such a bad thing?

Back off.

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