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18 Reasons Why You Should Go Out Tonight

Think that staying in tonight is the best plan? Who are you kidding?

DISCLAIMER: We cannot be held responsible for how you feel tomorrow.

1. Your house is a mess

You shouldn’t have to look at it, just go out.

2. You’re out of teabags

And if you’re not, jagerbombs are still preferable, for the most part.

3. You’ve been working far too hard

Even if you’ve only been working through your list of recommended films on Netflix, that still counts – good job.

4. You could use some fresh air

The walk to the pub is exactly what you need!

5. You couldn’t possibly do any work after dark…

6. It would be antisocial not to

People get ASBOs for less.

7. Honestly, no one remembers that embarrassing thing you did last time…

8. You’ll never be as young as you are now

Therefore, you are 100% better at recovering from hangovers. Make use of this time.

9. Music is a great form of therapy

Sit at home with your music on shuffle and the inevitable will happen; Adele. Sad songs are not an option on Cheese night.

10. Your singing talents are clearly wasted in the shower

emma stone

11. The party just can’t start without you

Obviously. It would be selfish to stay at home.


12. It’s a long-term financial investment

Don’t ask questions, just go with it.

13. You’ve been living in your sweatpants

It’s gross. Get dressed up and go out.

14. Dancing counts as exercise

And exercise releases endorphins, which make you happy. Win!

15. You don’t have Sky Sports

…Or a TV… or a TV license. You’d hate to break the law, surely?

16. There’s 3G and Wi-Fi in the pub

Isn’t modern technology amazing?

17. It’s Friday*!

*Replace Friday with the day you’re reading this on.

18. And everything is better with alcohol

You know it’s right.

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