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18 Struggles Every Joint Honours Student Will Understand

All students are known for making bad decisions where our course is concerned, but imagine if you were too indecisive to actually even settle on just one course?

This one goes out to all the Joint Honours students, because making decisions is hard.

1. “Oh, so you’re essentially only doing half of two courses then?”

2. Never getting to know people on your course, because you’re only in one or two lectures per semester.

3. Subsequently never being invited out on socials. Out of sight…

4. Facing 3 essay deadlines on the same day, because lecturers forget you exist.

5. Making the wrong choice when deciding between lecture clashes, going for the one that ends up giving you 500 pages of reading.

6. How offended your lecturers get when you explain you’re choosing to go to the other subject’s module when you have a clash.

7. Realising your sheer inability to make decisions is affecting other areas of uni life.

Usually when deciding if staying home sober so you can go to your 9am is the best choice.

8. Your workload feels as though it’s doubling rather than balancing out, despite what everyone else insists.

need help of friend

9. Rarely getting to choose the modules you’d enjoy because you have to do two sets of compulsory lectures.

10. On the plus side, when you’re sick of one subject, you have the other one to distract you.

11. …Until you realise you’re still doing work and feel twice as terrible for sacking it off.

12. Wanting to go out and celebrate your last exam with everyone, but you still have another exam for your other course.

13. You essentially own the entire library.

Well, sort of. Two areas is a big deal.

14. Yet it’s doubtful you have any clue about the library system, since you never spend much time in either of your course libraries.

15. Trying to understand two separate referencing systems while not confusing them is just impossible.

And losing marks on your essay because you used a footnote where you should have cited. I’m human, back off.

16. Rarely getting the jokes and references people make about lecturers because you haven’t got a clue who they are.

17. Failing to maintain a middle ground when friends on your course demand that one subject is “clearly the best, right?”

Where has this course pride suddenly come from?

18. “Since you did two subjects, what exactly are you going to do as a job?”

I couldn’t decide on one course, you really think I know what I’m going to do as a career?

Never being indecisive again.

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