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21 Thoughts Every Student Has When Waiting For Results Day

We spend so long revising and panicking about exams that often we completely forget about the doom we’ll face afterwards: Results day.

Can the wait actually kill you? It definitely feels that way. These are the thoughts every student will have from the moment of leaving their final exam:


1. “How is it possible to feel both euphoria and complete apathy?”

Panic level: I don’t know how to feel feelings anymore.

2. “Why is everyone talking about what they wrote for their answers?”

No. I don’t want to hear all the things I didn’t remember to mention. Shut up.

Panic level: I hate my life.

3. “So what exactly do people do when they’re not revising?”

Shouldn’t I be doing something?

Panic level: Meh.

4. “Nevermind, I’ll just drink away all my feelings”

Panic level: I don’t CARE.

5. “Sooo… What now?”

Is it sad that revision has become my life?

Panic level: Uh oh.


6. “Why have I just remembered something crucial that I forgot put on my exam?”

Panic level: No no no no no.

7. “It’s okay, I’ll just properly calculate what I need to get in my modules to average at 2:1 “

Panic level: There’s still hope, right? Say there’s hope.

8. “Forget it, I didn’t take Maths as a degree for a reason”

Just give up and wait for them to work it out. Percentages are hard.

Panic level: Fuck it.

9. “And even if I did do a Maths degree, why should I be doing work now?”

Numbers. Brain. Ouch.

Panic level: Not high enough to be doing work, thanks.

10. “Ah well, there’s no point worrying about something I can’t change now”

Pushing every result related concern to the back of your mind is sometimes the only way to survive.

Panic level: On the brink of breakdown.

11. “…It’s not like your results affect the rest of your life or anything”

Not a big deal. Just my future.

Panic level: Heart palpitations.

12. “Oh my god why do we have to wait so long for these results?!” 

I don’t care that it’s only been a week. Why so long?

Panic level: Just put me out of my misery.

13. “I should probably start using my free time to look for jobs…”

Panic level: Shit. Why am I doing absolutely nothing productive?

14. “I know they told us the release date, but I’ll just check my emails again. You know, just in case.”

Panic level: Need to know. Going to die.

15. “What is the purpose of my life?”

I have no exams. No deadlines. Just waiting…

Panic level: Is there any point even worrying?

16. “Would failing really be the end of the world when I don’t even know what I want to do?”

Panic level: Losing the will.

17. “…But what if what I want to do with my life requires a first?”

Panic level: A first?!??!?!?

18. Everybody’s posting their amazing results on Facebook. Why.

Panic level: Deep. Breaths.

19. Where do I even find my results on this website?!?


20. I have absolutely no idea what any of these numbers mean.

Panic level: What’s even going on?

21. Oh. Well that was a bit of an anti-climax, really. But still, well done me! 

Panic level: Phew.

Now to look forward to graduation.

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