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22 Problems You’ll Face When Returning Home From Uni

Remember the Easter break, when you loved being back home and couldn’t wait to break up for Summer so you could get back, without needing to worry about revision?

Well all that changes once you actually get home for Summer, we assure you.


1. Living out of boxes insisting that this is only a temporary situation.

2. Your parents actually want to spend time with you.

3. Moving back into your old room and realising how uncool you were before university.

4. “Since you haven’t got a job yet, can you help with jobs around the house?”

Just run.

5. Having fixed meal times that you need to be present for.

6. The awkward conversation about how much you’re going to be paying for rent.

Good joke, guys!

7. “You’re going out? What time will you be home?”

8. Trying to assure your family that the amount of time you spend by yourself isn’t a cause for concern.

9. Having no one to go out with because people are in work the next day.

10. Trying not to get offended every time your parents ask when you plan on moving out.

11. Realising you have nothing in common with your home friends anymore.

12. When your family try to tell you how to find a job, based on their experiences.

13. Having to make small talk on nights out with people you hated in school.

You hoped you’d never see them again. Now you see them every weekend.

14. Being asked the same questions by every single one of your parents’ friends when they visit.

15. Being asked by parents when you and your girlfriend/boyfriend will ‘take the next step’.

You just really want me to move out don’t you? Admit it.

16. “Oh you’re still single? Weren’t there any nice boys/girls at uni?”

Back. Off.

17. Trying and failing to act interested when your mum’s telling you gossip about work/neighbours/family.

18. The judgemental looks you get when you’ve decided not to get dressed that day.

19. Feeling sad when you overhear your parents on the phone making excuses on your behalf about how difficult the job hunt is.

20. Then hating them moments later when they come in and ask why you’re watching Jeremy Kyle instead of applying for jobs.

21. When you finally get a job, the question “How was your day at work?”

Oh just great yeah, loved it. Best day ever. Now stop talking to me.

22. And actually being expected to function as a normal human being after a full day at work.

Parents will argue that they manage to, but this is a skill developed with time and experience. Keep fighting the good fight.

Can we leave now?

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