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23 Things Only Left-Handed People Will Understand

For some people, the world is a difficult and challenging place. Those people are left-handed people.

Here are just a few things that every left-handed person will have to deal with:

1. Accidentally drinking from someone else’s glass at a dinner table.

2. Feeling as though you’re unveiling an inconvenient abnormality when asking for a different pair of scissors.

3. Going to shake someone’s hand, but holding out your left hand when they hold out their right.

Oh good. Not awkward at all.

4. The feeling of relief when you get to write on the left side of a spiral notepad. / /

5. … And having to take paper out of your ring binder before you can even attempt to start writing.

6. Your reaction when you need to use one of these:

7. And more importantly, your bottle opening issue.

8. Being able to use a mouse and write/eat/anything else at the same time.

One of the few perks. Embrace it.

9. Having to drastically manoeuvre your writing position in lectures because the room is full of these:

10. Trying to react appropriately when being told you’ll die nine years earlier than right-handed people.

Please, continue telling me about such solid facts and extensive research.

11. When someone sees you writing with your left hand, then asks if you’re left-handed.

No, I just prefer to do things that cause me discomfort.

12. Right-handed friends acting like you’ve kept classified information from them when they discover you’re left-handed.

“Why didn’t you ever tell me?!” Was I supposed to?

13. Only pretending to be right-handed when playing beer pong and shooting with your ‘opposite hand’.

14. The majority of digital camera controls being on the right.

Not difficult, but still further proof that the world wasn’t made to accommodate us.

15. Panicking that you’re locked in a room, then realising you’re just pushing the wrong side of the door.

16. Arm wrestling challenges are just impossible.

17. Trying to sign something at the bank when these are always on the right:

18. Constantly having an elbow battle with people sat next to you.

Whether it be in a lesson or at a dinner table, every time.

19. Attempting to live up to the myth that left-handed people are more creative.

20. And immediately giving up on being arty and creative, because using pencils leads to this:

21. To the rest of the world, there is no lefty and righty. Just lefty and ‘normal’.

22. When you’re asked to sign a birthday card and this happens:

23. And having the joke be completely lost on you.

Oh well, at least we’re unique, right?

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