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27 Devastating Truths About Being a 2014 Grad

Well, you graduated. You went through the denial, the move back home, and the pain as reality smacked you in the face.

But, almost one year on, have things improved yet? Spoiler: probably not.



1. Being expected to understand how to properly manage money.

Planning in advance for things you’re going to buy in 3 weeks? Forget that, take each day as it comes, fight the power.

2. The “have you thought about getting your own place?” question from your parents.

It’s almost like they want us to move out?

3. And if you’ve moved out, council tax.

It’s like we’re being punished for trying to be independent.



4. Seeing “Finally paid off my overdraft!” statuses on facebook.

Get out of my life, immediately.

5. Declaring you want to go travelling, then realising you’ve wasted the last year when you could have been saving.

So having enough money by next March is great, but I want to go now

6. No longer being in the latest graduate year. 

Being a fresher of the graduate world means any job you get is an accomplishment, but now you have the added pressure to get an actual occupation. No.

7. Seeing friends getting engaged/married and buying houses.

This is somehow considered acceptable behaviour. It isn’t.

8. Being told to open a savings account

It may alarm you, but many people our age actually have savings. It’s like money, but that you don’t spend. Weird.

9. Getting alumni phone calls and letters from your uni

Crying “YOU SAID A DEGREE WOULD HELP” down the phone should make them leave you alone. In theory, that is.

10. Feeling judged if you want to go out drinking on a weeknight

Don’t take this away from me.

11. Receiving the “you owe us” letter from Student Finance

Ha, those jokers…

12. How concerned relatives are when you tell them you’re still not sure what you want to do.

Why are they panicking so much? We’ve got aaaaages to figure it out! Right? …Right?

13. Having to change your CV as it refers to you as a “recent graduate”

It’s only been a year, do we really have to move on?

14. Finally being in a ‘real job’ that your parents love but you absolutely hate

It doesn’t matter that you work 14 hour days and cry yourself to sleep, you’ve moved out and it sounds great when your parents tell their friends. What else matters?

15. Feeling the pressure to get into a relationship, purely so it looks like one area of your life is ‘on track’

“Is there anyone special in your life? No? Exactly what are you doing right now then?”

16. Not being able to use the “I’ll think about proper jobs after summer” excuse like you did last year

There is no summer, there is only life.

17. Being too much of a student to hang out with other ‘young professionals’ but too much of a graduate to hang out with students.

Well, guess we’ll just be alone then. No big.

18. Thinking about house deposits and mortgages

And how you’ll never be able to afford one.

19. Your housemates/parents hate you because your cleaning habits haven’t developed since you were a student.

Or maybe they’re just too anal, who said we’re the ones with the problem?

20. Being unable to reject responsibility, because your life kind of depends on it.

You have to be responsible in work in order to earn money so that you can afford rent, food, bills, a netflix subscription… All the essentials.

21. Wanting to go and visit your uni friends but only being able to go for a day at a time because of “commitments”.

Using holidays is not an option, you never know when you’re going to need those days to do something really wild and fun. (Probably never, but it’s best to be prepared).

22. Having friends forget your birthday. And forgetting theirs.

Unless you actually have plans arranged for the day there’s no chance that you’ll remember. Even trusty facebook birthday notifications will let you down.

 23. Never really having a day off because of life admin.

Will we ever have fun again?

24. Dealing with the fact that your friends have their lives together and you don’t.

It’s great that friends are getting their dream jobs, but not so great when you don’t actually know what your ‘dream job’ even is.

25. Arriving at the point in life where it’s completely necessary to own an iron.

As long as you don’t also need an ironing board, there’s still hope.

26. Knowing that 280,000 students are about to graduate and join the job hunt.

It’s competitive enough as it is! Go away!

27. Panicking that your degree loses its value with each day you don’t get a decent job.

There’ll soon be graduates with degrees more recent than ours. What are we going to do?

It’s not too late to get ahead of the game… 



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