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29 Ways To Tell You’re A Bangor Student

You might think that each Uni is pretty much the same, and that where you go only affects how much you have to pay to get the train back after Christmas.


Being a student at Bangor means that you’re completely different to people studying elsewhere. You’ll find yourself living a lifestyle that is completely alien to other students, and there’s certain things that only you will understand. That’s right, get ready to feel special:

1. Having to walk home barefoot because your shoes are stuck to the club dance floor.

2. Paying more for food shopping because going to Aldi/Asda/Iceland isn’t worth the walk up bitch hill.

3. Saying “Erm, it sounds something like…” when people ask what halls you live in.

4. Everyone knows about that stupid thing you did when drunk – Bangor is that small.

5. “Upper or Lower?” is a normal question when talking about where you live, and does cause discrimination.

6. And let’s not even mention the people who live beyond the railway bridge…

“I live by DW” is a statement which induces pity in all.

7. Impressing your non-Welsh friends when you go back home with your new bilingualism.

8. Being too terrified to correct the Pizza House lady and just accepting that you’ll get what you’re given.


9. Only discovering in your third year that there’s a Tesco in Bangor.

10. …And realising on the way there that there’s a McDonalds.

11. Fat Frogs and Purple Pussys. No questions asked.

12. Buying something you don’t need from Morrisons so you can get cashback when none of the cash points in Upper Bangor are working.

So always, basically.

13. Offering to take part in a Psychology student’s experiment because you need extra money.

It doesn’t count as selling yourself, right?

14. Never leaving a club later than 2AM because you want to get food on the way home and Bella isn’t open past 2.30.

15. You lose your friends for the entire night in the maze that is Peep.

Sometimes knowing absolutely everybody is a good thing.

16. Speaking of Peep: “Barbara Streisand”

17. …Yet you will still find yourself dancing to it every time you’re out.

18. You will believe you have a fail-proof strategy for completing the Greedy Bastard.

19. Knowing there’s absolutely no chance you’ll get the book you need from the library.

One copy for all 300 people on your course. Enjoy.

20. And if you think you’ve any chance of getting a plug for your laptop, you’re kidding yourself.

21. Carnage? What’s carnage?

 22. Making no apologies for your actions on AU night.

23. You’ve completely lost all patience with reps and flyering:

24. You’ve embarrassed yourself on more than one occasion trying to explain your religious beliefs on bitch hill, drunk, shoving free toast into your mouth.

25. In a display of outright protest you will refuse to use the new name for every ‘new and improved’ club.

Occy, Embassy, and for those who remember: the babe that was Base. Better (-ish) times.

26. You might live on College Road but going to the library is still far too much of a trek.

27. You’ve found yourself at the Late Stop window demanding more alcohol at 3AM.

Because the party never stops in Bangor. Rave.

28. Thinking you can get away with running to the shop when you need food but look like shit, then seeing every person you’ve ever met en route.

29. Running in fear when you ask someone what year they’re in and they reveal that they’re not a student.

And you thought you learned nothing at university…

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