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Cambridge Uni Want To Pay You To Do a PhD In Chocolate

When it comes to deciding what we want to do in life, the majority of us have absolutely no clue whatsoever. 

It’s difficult to find a job or uni course which we’re really interested in (or even just vaguely interested in, to be honest).

However, it seems that Cambridge Uni have granted all our wishes and answered all our prayers.



Yes, you heard me correctly.

Cambridge Uni are looking for a person to do a three year PhD in chocolate. The best part? You get PAID.

What’s the catch? There is no catch! Well, not really.

You just need to have at least four years of study at a University level, and a high 2:1 in a relevant discipline such as Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science or Engineering. You also need experience in experimental investigations.

What you’ll be doing…

“The project will investigate the factors which allow chocolate, which has a melting point close to that of the human body, to remain solid and retain qualities sought by consumers when it is stored and sold in warm climates.”

But let’s get back to the point, you’ll be working with chocolate.


Interested? They’re still accepting applications, you can learn more and apply here

Meanwhile, we’ll be eternally envious.

Want to write an article like this?

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