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Nottingham Trent Student Falls At Graduation

We’ve all heard the classic horror stories before Graduation day, enter our ceremonies with an overwhelming fear of one thing in particular: Falling.

Thankfully, for most of us, falling remains to be a horror story that doesn’t actually happen to anyone during the ceremony.

Some of us aren’t so lucky, however.

One student from Nottingham Trent unfortunately experienced this first hand, as she fell seconds away from the handshake. So. Close.


It’s safe to say we’d be absolutely mortified.

In fairness, every person is warned to sacrifice height if heels aren’t your thing, and with the ones she was wearing, there really wasn’t any hope…

The former Art Design student has since told us that she made the shoes herself, from recycled scraps. Impressive…

@teppuanna  -

@teppuanna –

And it’s all good about the fall, as the now-grad came back smiling: 

Heed this heel warning, or risk ending up like this: 

model fall

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Want to write an article like this?

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