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Every Type of Person You’ll See On A-Level Results Day

Finding out whether or not you got into uni makes people act in certain ways. Here’s everyone you’ll meet on A-Level results day.

1. The one who sits refreshing UCAS track repeatedly, hours before results are even released.

This person needs to go to uni. Needs.

2. The smug person who agrees to open their results on TV.


3. The awkward people who definitely didn’t expect to get the results they opened.

Oh dear.

4. The one who doesn’t bother trying to check UCAS and leaves without even bothering to open their results.

“I mean it’s not even a big deal is it, like, there’s nothing I can do to change them. I’ll open them later.”



5. The one who can’t even breath.


6. The people who didn’t bother revising, yet still did better than you.

Just keep smiling. You can rage later, when you never have to see them again.

7. The one who shows up claiming to be worried, swearing they did “absolutely no revision!” 

They said exactly the same thing before every exam yet still managed to fill two answer booklets. Trust no one.

8. The “Oh my god, what did you get???” person.

Who asks all the questions but doesn’t share their result.

9. The cryers who make you feel awkward for doing well.

And your reaction to them:



10. The ones who are crying because college is now officially over.

As though social media doesn’t exist.

11. The emoji gloater.

“All my hard work has paid off ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️”

12. The ones who are strangely positive, despite getting straight Us.

“Oh no, guess I’m not going to uni this year. That’s okay, I’m sure it’ll be fine!” – you look on in confusion and amazement.

13. The one who complains about “only” getting an A.

Okay goodbye ✋

14. The one who thinks A-Levels are the Oscars.

“I’d like to thank everyone, I couldn’t have achieved these results without you. Mum, Dad, Mr Williams…”

15. The person who just sits in the corner mad AF.



16. And the one whose only reaction is “Pub?”

Whether you did terribly or amazingly, this is the only correct response.

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