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This New Cost of Living Study Shows The Cheapest Places To Be a Student

HSBC have looked at the effect your university can have on the amount of money you spend on average per week.

To do this, they have taken into account the most important things we all spend on: rent in halls, weekly essentials, a bus pass, and most important – the cost of beer and the cost of wine.

Here are the figures found by HSBC, the best and the worst…

As you can see from this, the most expensive universities are University of Sussex, University of Oxford and London universities, with UCL averaging at students paying £315 per week.


On the other hand, Universities of Leicester, Nottingham and Cardiff are the best choices for first years where money is concerned.

And this is a breakdown of how these figures were calculated, showing what first year students are paying per week at each of these unis:

Well, won’t be going on too many nights out at UCL then. Though vodka and jager really should be on the list – priorities, guys.

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Want to write an article like this?

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