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This Student Quit Uni To Become A Terrible Harry Styles Lookalike

As students and graduates, we all hope that the day will come when we’ll find our purpose in life, our thing, what we were born to do...

But wouldn’t you be pretty disappointed if your calling was pretending to be someone else?

Well, Aron Dale found his perfect career, and quit university to dedicate his time to being… A Harry Styles lookalike.

(Yeah, we don’t see it either).

Despite quitting uni to pursue this promising career, the 25-year-old former Engineering student from Redcar, North Yorkshire, has only had six lookalike jobs this year – mostly being for children’s parties, where he makes around £100 an hour.

The famous lookalike insists the lack of jobs is due to where he lives, and is seriously considering relocating:

Redcar is a small place and everyone knows who I am here, so they no longer mistake me for Harry. When I’m in London I can’t walk around without being mobbed.”

Which, of course, is a common occurence for him, as he admits that he can’t even go shopping without being “surrounded” by fans thinking he’s Harry, and speaking of how:

“One time I brought Starbucks to a complete standstill after ordering a coffee … People saw me and started whispering and pointing and next thing I knew the place was full of people staring at me.”

The poor guy apparently can’t even have a girlfriend, because they get far too jealous of all the attention he receives.

Tough break.

But Aron admits that there’s more to being a lookalike than simply looking the same, which they 100% do, of course. There’s more that he and Harry share, such as:

“I talk like him and I have the same swagger – I just am him. It can be difficult looking like someone famous but I guess this is my life now. There’s not much I can do about my face.”

Nope, guess not.

Let’s just focus our attention once more on the sheer uncanny likeness:

Who’s who? We can’t even tell anymore. Amazing.

Fans have also given their opinion on the likeness between the two:

And the slightly more critical:


Wow, tough crowd.

Well, do you think they look alike?

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Watch the full interview with Aron:

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