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10 Reasons Why Being a Graduand Is The Best Thing Ever

Graduand life is Graduate’s life much less talked about, much more fun little brother. You’re not a student, you’re not yet a fully functioning adult. However, being a graduand could turn out to be one of the best times of your life.

These are the few things that could turn strange uni/life purgatory into a summer long party.



1. You have no work to do

None. Not a thing to do. You’re still living in a house with all your friends, you’ve still got Netflix on tap and a so cheap it’s probably illegal cider deal round the corner but for the first time in your uni life (well, since first year) you have absolutely nothing to do apart from, sit back, relax and enjoy it all.

2. You have time to be hungover

You can actually start to luxuriate in your day long hangovers instead of self medicating with red-bull and bacon until you’re able to sit like a guilty zombie in the library for hours. It doesn’t matter if you lie in bed all day, weeping, and then go out again. Your days are yours to waste how you like. Bliss.

3. You have several excuses not to start applying for jobs yet

You deserve a break. You haven’t got your results yet. You can’t do your CV accurately until you know. There’s no point in case you go on holiday. Take your pick, they are all completely valid.

4. You’ve still got your student discount

Use it wisely and frequently. Who knows when you’ll get 10% off at Topshop again. Probably never.

5. You’ve still got some time in your student house

Your lovely, damp, freezing, house filled with your friends. This is a special time in your life reserved for nightly BBQs, don’t waste it.

6. You’ve still got the dregs of your loan left

During exams, chances are the only money you spent was on post its and maybe an inspirational fridge magnet saying something like ‘stars can’t shine without darkness’.

That means you’ve got plenty of disposable income left over to spend before graduation which is the traditional ceremony marking the beginning of you sponging off your parents again.

7. Your whole bright future is ahead of you

As far as you know, at this point you’ve got a first in your degree, you’ve won a prize and you’ll get onto the first graduate scheme you apply to. You’ll be a millionaire before you’re 30. For a few brief weeks, you can let yourself really believe this.

8. You never have to do another exam again in your life

Or at least, for a very long time. That means no more revision, you can basically get rid of your long term memory completely, yay! You may even forget how to do handwriting altogether; the dream!

9. You’ve got plenty of use left in the ‘I literally just finished uni’ excuse for not having a job

This excuse wears thin pretty quickly but during your graduand period, it’s golden. For this short time only when you tell people this you’ll get an understanding nod, instead of a pitying shake of the head. That’s because you might still be using it in 5 years time.

10. All of your uni friends are in the same place

This might be the last time for a long time that all of your favourites are in the same city and not scattered everywhere across the country trying to make enough money to drink at the weekends. Make the most of it by seeing them everyday and spending the rest of your student loan the way it was meant to be spent; pub.

Enjoy the freedom while it lasts. 

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