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24 Things You’ll Really Miss About The University Of Manchester When You Leave

You’ve spent a good few years studying at the University of Manchester, and now you’re not sure if you ever want to leave.


Watching sunrises over campus.

Spending time in stunning places like Whitworth Hall.

And The John Rylands Library.

UoM really does rival Hogwarts.

Making the most of all the greenery Manchester has to offer.

Just because you’re in a city doesn’t mean that it can’t be beautiful.

Sunday study day 🤓 spring in Manchester #mcruk #uom2016 #universityofmanchester

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And studying* in one of the city’s parks on a sunny day.

*chilling with your mates.

#whitworthpark #Manchester #autumnleaves #favouritetimeofyear

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The scenery off main campus is incredible too.

Being so close to the Peak District.

Sunset curve crushing. @peakscollective #peakscollective

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How Manchester can look great in any weather.

You’ll even miss the rain.

#universityofmanchester #rainbow #rewardforhardworking #reasontostopstudying 🤔

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The deckchairs outside Ali G when the weather is warm.

Where you catch some rays while “revising”.

And the learning commons. Where you’ve spent many many hours.

Old n new

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Exploring some other areas of Manchester, like the Northern Quarter.

#manchester #northernquarter #davidbowie #graffiti #street #art #streetart

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When things like this happen on campus.

Ferris Wheel outside uni #Summer #Sun #UniversityofManchester #FunFair

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Hanging out with the giant Vimto bottle.

Because Manchester is where Vimto was born.

Platt Fields on Bonfire Night.

Everything happens for a reason 🌟🌟 #manchesterbonfirenight #2015 #manchester

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Manchester’s own student theme park: cheap drinks, all-hours takeaways and all the buses you could ever need. 💚

Sunny days in Fallow

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The Curry Mile.

#Manchester #currymile #mughli. Best curry I have ever tasted. 👌🏼

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Working in Christie’s Bistro.

Arguably one of the nicest places on campus to drink coffee.

Great little lunch time spot #christiesbistro #universityofmanchester

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Visiting the Manchester Museum whenever you feel like it.

Since it’s right in the middle of the main campus.


And even though there are certain buildings you might not miss…



Or, in particular, the stairs in any of the buildings…

(Even though they do bring your Instagram game up)

You just know you’re gonna find it incredibly hard to leave.

Goodbye, Manchester.