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10 Reasons Why Charlie Kelly Would Make A Great Boyfriend

Whether you admit it or not, everyone has an imaginary check-list of certain things they seek in a partner. These things may vary from person to person, but there are always certain points that pop up for most of us.

So here are a few of the ideals we all appreciate, all of which can be seen in ‘Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia‘ character, Charlie Kelly. Don’t deny it – you know you would.

1. He’s spontaneous.

Because no one wants to end up spending nights in front of the telly, wondering what happened to all the excitement.

2. He’s an animal lover.

Kittens keeping their feet warm in mittens? Genius, and cuteness at its finest.

3. He’s modest, but he doesn’t put himself down.

Because arrogance is not attractive, nor is self-pity.

4. He’s got all the moves.

How could you not be proud to be seen on the dance floor with someone who has moves as sweet as these?!

5. He’s a very talented songwriter.

And, as a result, he has that sexy artistic guy thing going for him.

6. He’ll do all the dirty work for you.

Rats? Hell no. No one wants to do Charlie work.

7. The way he thinks of you will be adorable.

Because if anything expresses love in its purest form it’s Pixar and Disney working together.

c fantasy 1

c fantasy 2

c fantasy 3

8. He will take care of your every need, and write it down so he doesn’t forget a thing.

Even if you’re the most independent of people, you’ll still want some TLC.


9. He has wonderful restaurant etiquette.

Because manners matter.

10. He is a GENIUS.

Smart = Sexy.

Love or hate the show, you can’t deny that Charlie’s a catch.

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