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10 Invaluable Things You’ll Learn As a Fresher

 There’s no doubt that you learn some pretty important life lessons as a fresher.

But here are the ones that really matter:

1. Every drinking game you’ll ever need to know.


2. Locals go out on the weekends.

Avoid like the plague.

3. No matter how tired, poor or busy you are, your body has a remarkable way of making it on a night out.


giphy (1)

4. Freshers fairs are the place to be if you want to get a free meal and a year supply of free stationery all under one roof.


5. You only really need to go to the the library if you’re in final year or if you have a deadline.


6. Let yourself miss a 9am lecture once and you’ll probably never make it to another.

Start as you mean to go on…


7. The printers only ever run out of paper or break on the day you have a deadline.

Be prepared.

8. A drawer specifically for eye patches, fake moustaches and wigs is as important as your sock drawer, if not more so. /

9. Never, ever take your debit card on a night out.

It won’t appreciate it, and neither will you in the morning.

10. Whether you’re in your first year or final year, you will get Fresher’s Flu – so Vitamin C should be your best friend.

Who said you don’t need to learn anything in first year…

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