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10 Lies You Were Told On Your University Open Day

Universities never look or sound as good as they do on open days. After all, it’s just one giant sales pitch. 

Here are some typical lies you’ll be told to secure your £9k/year. 

1. “Your halls will be cleaned once a week by a professional”

The truth: Only if your kitchen meets the required standards of cleanliness before the cleaner gets there. If not, they’ll just refuse to clean anything and leave you a fine.



2. “There are plenty of books, computers and printers to go around”

The truth: This may be the case for the majority of the year, but definitely not on the day before the deadline.


3. “You’ll join numerous societies, make tonnes of friends and become a pro at poi in the process”

The truth: While you will start out enthusiastic and join various obscure activities, come 3 weeks in you’ll realise you’re just not ready for the level of commitment needed.


4. “Our lecturers operate and open-door policy”

The truth: They’ll probably have no more than an hour each week to see everyone, meaning you never see them.



5. “Applying for your student loan is quick and easy”

The truth: You need a degree just to navigate Student Finance.



6. “Your loan will cover most, if not all of your living costs”

The truth: it doesn’t.


7. “It’s always this sunny!”

The truth: *on open days.



8. “There’s plenty of career guidance”

The truth: The careers office is only open 4 hours a week, and you have lecturers during all 4 of those hours.



9. “A reduced timetable allows for plenty of extra-curricular activities”

The truth: Your free time will mainly be eaten up by independent study to compensate for reduced timetables.



10. “80% of our graduates are employed within 6 months of graduating”

The truth…



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