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10 Things You Wish Your Lecturers Would Stop Doing

Lecturers – where would we be without them? 

But sometimes it seems they just love to annoy us…

1. Self-promotion.

Product placement is everywhere in the media, but one place you don’t expect to see it is in a half-full Monday morning lecture. To all those lecturers who sneakily put their own books, articles and journals on the reading list: we know what you’re up to.


2. Last-minute cancelling.

When a student has braved a 7am alarm, battled the elements and made it to campus to bear witness to your wisdom, the least you could do is give 24 hours’ notice that you aren’t going to be there. A re-schedule wouldn’t go amiss, either!

3. Not supplementing a lecture with a PowerPoint or handout.

How would you like it if we didn’t supplement our essays with further reading? There’s only so much of your genius we can scribble down in 50 minutes. Give us something to take home, please.


4. Being the last to arrive to a lecture and the first to leave.

AKA ‘The Elusive One’. Anyone would think this lecturer didn’t want to be there…


5. Saying “you don’t need to write this down, it’s all on Blackboard.”

Predictably, you do, because predictably, it isn’t.


6. “Email me if you have any questions.”

2 weeks later and you’re pondering when is an acceptable time to hit ‘send’ again.


7. Insisting on class participation, first thing in the morning, on a Monday.

These overzealous lectures are the founders of the notorious Awkward Seminar Silence.

8. Reading straight from the PowerPoint, word for word.

£9,000 for this? I could’ve stayed in bed.

8 (1)

9. Handing out the register at the end of the lecture.

That’s cool, didn’t want to make it to my next lecture on time anyway.


10. Returning your essays with bare minimum feedback.

Thanks, but I’m not sure how a few question marks and squiggly lines will improve my grade.


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Want to write an article like this?

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