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8 Things You Should Never Say To a BA Student

It’s no secret that some degrees are valued more than others. While the likes of medicine and engineering degrees are seen as solid, recession-proof investments, others are unfairly labelled downright pointless.

Whether you’re Team BSc or Team BA, here are 8 things you’ve either heard or said:

1. “You’re going to be a teacher then?”

I doubt anybody asked a 20-year-old Stephen Fry that.


2. “Must be lovely having so few contact hours!”

Yes, that would be lovely. IF all that ‘free’ time was actually free, and not consumed by reading, writing, researching and just generally doing that independent studying thing. You know the one where you aren’t spoon fed everything in a lecture theatre.

3. Particularly applicable to Art and English students: “Your hobby is also your degree? That’s like me studying BA napping!”

Seriously? More like BA No Idea.


4. “Your degree is hardly a qualification. More like a book club with very high membership fees.”

5. “Some of us have exams!”

Yes, and some of us have essays worth 100% of the module rather than 30 minute tests worth a measly 5%. Swap?


6. “At least you won’t end up paying much of your loan back, if any…”

Low blow. Very low blow.

7. “So, what’s next? Masters?”

Yep, because obviously I’m totally un-employable and dying for another year of belittling comments!


8. “Can you proofread this for me?”

Ah, so despite the scathing interrogations you do need us humanities students after all! Universal balance is restored.

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Want to write an article like this?

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