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10 Reasons Why I’ll Never Regret Studying at Swansea University

Did I mention it’s Welsh University of the Year?

1. First and foremost, there’s a beach right on your doorstep.

Sure, you probably don’t even go there all that often, but when you do it reminds you of how lucky you are to be able to do so. Where better to hang out with your uni squad on a summer’s night, take your family when they visit, or just take yourself to get away from student life and clear the cobwebs away?

#Swansea 2 mins from #swanseauni

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2. The university itself isn’t too shabby either.

And by that I mean it’s stunning, mysteriously-long-lasting puddles aside.

Lovin' you already, Singleton☀️

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3. There’s a legendary SU team.

Not only do they do loads of incredible work for Swansea University students, they’re also a great bunch of people to work with. Having the chance to join their team has been one of the highlights of my university experience. The job not only made me realise where I wanted my career to go, but also helped me to get there. If you’ve been hesitating about getting involved in any way, stop. Just do it.


Lois Williams

4. And the uni has hosted some phenomenal events.

I know we’re all here to study, but the social side of uni is also important, something Swansea has never failed to acknowledge and celebrate. Various big names including Katy B, Jess Glynne, WSTRN, Sigma and many more have graced our green and white shores. Summer Ball, Freshers’ Ball… the list is endless. I’m definitely going to miss every one of them. In fact, I’ll most probably be that weird graduate that still turns up to everything. 👀



5. It’s Welsh University of the Year. 😏

Just thought I’d mention it again. I’m always proud to say I study at Swansea because it just keeps climbing and climbing in the league tables and improving in so many amazing ways. It’s so inspiring to be part of it all and feel like you’ve contributed to it getting the recognition it deserves. From a fantastic careers department, to an ever-expanding campus, success is in our green blood, clearly.

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6. And when Varsity rolls around, there’s nowhere better to be.

Forever emotional. #GWA

Victory! Huge smiles from the VC! 😀

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7. The nightlife is on point.

From Sin City to Wind St Wednesdays, Swansea nightlife will never leave you disappointed. It’s only now that I’ll be leaving soon that I really appreciate how much fun I’m having. It would feel wrong not to be sin-jured on a Friday morning and to not still be trying to get that indestructible stamp off my hand when the next Wednesday rolls around. 💖 Hustle, Savers, Sink, Rise 💖


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8. And nothing compares to an Upland’s Diner breakfast. Nothing.

Completing the Mega Beast is almost as proud a moment as graduating. I can’t imagine having a university experience without this place.

Did someone say breakfast

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9. There are endless opportunities to make friends for life.

Whether you meet them on day one in halls, or you’re brought together through one of Swansea’s many A+ societies, it’s practically impossible not to make the best of friends while you’re there.


10. And I’ll treasure my memories of every single second I spent there forever.

Whether it’s BBQs on the beach or those Jack Murphys bombs, Swansea will leave you with almost too many memories to treasure and the knowledge that you made the right choice to study there. For me, it’s been the best 3 years of my life so far and I would recommend Swansea to anyone wanting to go to uni. Oh, and did I mention it’s Welsh University of the year? I don’t think I did?


Lois Williams


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