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Literally Just 20 Tweets That Sum Up What Being a University Student Is Really Like

You might not understand what’s going on at uni, but at least Twitter understands how you feel.

1. This painfully accurate description of student life. 

2. This all too familiar scenario.  

3. This cautionary tale.

4. This brutal honesty.

5. This recognisable situation.

6. This text we’ve all sent at one time or another.

7. This vicious circle.

8. This inevitable struggle.

9. This last resort.

10. This incredible achievement.

11. This painful truth.

12. This mirror image.

13. This realisation we’ve all come to.

14. This tricky problem.

15. This disappointing reality.

16. This cry for help we’ve all needed more than we care to admit.

17. This honesty we’ve all felt like expressing.

18. This relatable error.

19. This inevitable outcome.

20. And this distressing legacy.


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