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10 Student Fails You Just Can’t Avoid

As students, we’re not perfect. That’s why we come to university. To learn.

1. Saying something you shouldn’t have during I Have Never and your friend responds with this fierce look…

“You said you wouldn’t!”

2. Pretending you understood what someone said, and then having to ask because you feel silly.

Basically every lecture ever.

3. Letting emotions take over when an essay is due.


4. Pretending to be happy for your friends when they get a better grade than you.

5. Procrastinating until the night before, and then going into panic mode.

6. Setting off the fire alarm.

Probably by making toast or something.



7. Drinking too much.

8. Pretending to like everyone you meet for the first time.

9. Starting the prank war with your housemates.

Be prepared for a lifetime of revenge.

via Imgur

via Imgur

10. And generally just trying to keep up appearances.

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Want to write an article like this?

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