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15 Questions Every Bangor University Student Has Asked At Least Once

At Bangor University, there are just some things you constantly ask yourself.

1. Why can I still hear Pontio being built?

Is this a way of trying to keep us here?

2. Seriously. Will it ever be open?

The Daily Touch

The Daily Touch

3. Why does the wind and the rain, always hit me in the face?

4. Why is it that when I’m in a rush, I always bump into the herd of psychology students arriving for class?

5. Oh my god. Why can’t I get past all these psychology students?

6. Why won’t they let me play the organ in PJ hall?

7. Why does the homeless man by Morrisons always ask ME for change?!

8. Why is literally everything up a hill?

9. And bitch hill. Just why?

 10. Do I really need to join the gym if it’s a workout to get there?

Short answer: no.

11. Will I get free toast tonight?

12. Why do Academi text me when I have an assignment due?

 13. Why is it that when I go to Peep, I ALWAYS end up extremely drunk and doing something stupid?

14. Will I ever get out of Peep alive?

15. After continuously coming here, how do I still get lost in Main Arts?

It’s difficult, but we wouldn’t want it any other way. With the exception of Pontio, I’d like to see that finished.

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