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18 Amy Poehler Reactions You’ll Recognise The Morning After a Night Out

As students, we like the night life, even if we don’t always think fondly of it the following day.

1. I don’t know what I did last night, but I had fun.

2. Though I probably could have spent my time better…

3. Haha, yes I remember doing that!

…I don’t really.

4. I’m so horrified at what you just told me, so I’m just going to laugh hysterically.

5. Drink makes me do terrible things…

6. Did I really say that?

7. That’s going to have consequences…

8. Why me?

9. Why would I say that to someone I don’t even know!?

10. I stood by my principles…

11. That is so something I’d do

12. Was it really that bad?

13. I don’t know what got into me

Yes you do. You were an animal.

14. I want to pretend like it never happened

15. I know I lost something, but I’m not sure what…

Your self respect… don’t worry, you won’t feel bad about it, the drink sought to you forgetting about it…forever.

16. Did I embarrass myself?

Most definitely.

17. I’m too old for this!

18. At least I’ve still got it.

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Want to write an article like this?

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