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22 Things All ’00s Girls Will Remember About Underage Discos

Adolescence presents a lot of challenges, not least, the issue of how to fill your weekends. You were way too cool to stay in with your parents but not quite cool enough to get your hands on a fake ID and hit da clubs.

The answer? Under 18s discos.

Here are 22 things all female attendees will cringe about.

1. Spending the entire week at school speculating about who was going and, most importantly, who would “get with” who.

2. Loading up on cherry airwaves/juicy fruit before the big night.

Mint schmint.

3. Street cred momentarily ruined when your mum dropped you off.

4. The intermingled stench of Lynx Africa and SO…? Kiss Me body spray.

5. Boys wearing incredibly liberal amounts of hair gel.

6. You wearing so much fake tan you ever so slightly glowed in the dark.

7. Unshackled from the rules of school, your ‘midriff’ was coming out and no one could stop you.

Though they probably should have.

8. Getting off your head on Powerade and Panda Pop.

9. Dying from jealously when your friend pulled someone from ‘The Year Above’.

She was probably too cool to hang around with you now.

10. Throwing some out of control shapes to NeYo, Usher and Liberty X.

11. Braces. Everywhere.

12. “Will you get with my mate?”

13. Swapping numbers on your pink Motorola razor.



14. Feeling in awe of the cool kids who had actual booze before they came.

15. Having absolutely no idea how to dance with the opposite sex…

16. …or at all for that matter.

How does Beyonce make it look so easy?

17. Assuming the role of your fit best friend’s agent/pimp. “No, she won’t dance with you. Try again next month.”

18. Hearing about that girl who went to second base at the last one and feeling genuinely horrified that someone might expect it from you – whatever second base was…

19. Having some of the most dramatic conversations of your young life in the toilets.

No doubt slurred from all that Powerade.

20. Heading to the vending machines/tuck shop for a breather from all the madness.

21. Losing your mind when the DJ dropped ‘Fatman Scoop’ at the end of the night.

“Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, LETS GO!”

22. And fleeing like a vampire when the lights were turned back on.

Best nights ever.

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