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22 Things Only University of Glasgow Students Will Understand

As the 4th oldest university in the UK, The University of Glasgow boasts a long and illustrious history.

However, over the years, we students have brought more than a few of our own traditions to this fine institution…

Here’s a few of the weird and wonderful things that only students at Glasgow will understand:

1. Learning the ‘Here we, here we, here we fucking GO!’ chant within your first week and deploying it on most nights out.

2. Walking around the main building and pretending you’re at Hogwarts.

An experience greatly enhanced when wearing robes at graduation.

3. Instantly judging someone based on whether they’re GUU or QMU.

And those you can’t categorise are probably too cool for either. Obviously. / / / /

4. This X-Rated statue outside the Gregory Building.


5. Collecting friends from every place in the UK and relentlessly mimicking their accents. Badly.

6. Drinking this when things get desperate.

If it’s good enough for the monks…

7. Being asked if you’ve ever had a deep fried Mars bar by everyone who hears you study in Glasgow.

NO I haven’t, but YES, I have been actively looking for one since fresher’s week.

8. Going to Viper on Monday, against your better judgement…

9. …and consequently getting on first name terms with the guys at BBQ Kings next door.

10. Developing a superhuman tolerance to the cold.


11. Taking your life into your hands when walking up Gibson Street to get to/from the library in the ice or snow.


13. Congregating in Kelvingrove Park whenever the sun makes a rare appearance.

14. ‘Getting married’ to your friends in ABC or Arches.

15. Fully understanding aw the patter.

16. You’ve spotted Frankie Boyle, Kevin Bridges, or Paolo Nutini around the West End at least once.

17. Heading straight to Jinty McGuinty’s on St. Patrick’s Day.

18. Powering through till 8am at D*** F***** for free bacon sandwiches.

12 hours of Céilidh dancing is hungry work.

19. Taking a 30 minute detour to your lecture just to avoid student campaigners on election days.

20. The pain you feel when realising you’re out of printer credits on level 10 of the library.

21. Mourning the infamous HIVE Thursdays.

Sticky floors + podium dancing + ‘Pints of Fun’ = great night out. / /

22. Reacting like this when anyone makes disparaging remarks about Glasgow.

We’ll miss you, Glasgow.

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