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11 Things You Can Do After University To Keep Your Life Interesting

So, you’ve finally done it, you’ve finally made it through all of the hard work and graduate life awaits. But, if it’s true that university is “the best years of your life”… now what?

For loads of recent graduates, it can feel as though there’s nothing to look forward to now, but that’s not the case.

Here are some things you can do to occupy your time once you’ve finished university.

 1. Binge watch a TV series.

Being fresh out of uni comes with one huge benefit: now you have absolutely no commitments and can watch hours of TV guilt-free! There’s always that one series that everyone has watched and you haven’t, so now’s your chance. Even if this isn’t you, there are so many underrated TV series to keep you immersed for weeks. And you’ve totally earned couch potato time.


2. Read a book. 

I know you’ve probably had enough of reading, but if you’re like many people fresh out of uni, you might be spending a lot of time commuting. And if you’re one of those lucky ones, then picking up a book and (actually) reading it is a great chance to expand your knowledge, or be enticed in a new story that’ll keep you obsessed for days. Your 40-minute journey to and from work will feel like time well spent.

3. Yoga / Meditation. 

Whether you’ve got a graduate opportunity or not, spending a couple hours a week doing yoga or meditation is extremely helpful, not only to fulfil your boredom, but it also has so many more benefits. It reduces risk of back pain, cures hangovers and helps you sleep better to name only name a few.


4. Catch up with old friends.

In the heat of things after university, it can be really easy to lose touch with the friends you made there, but arranging catch-ups will not only ensure that doesn’t happen, but will also give you plenty to look forward to.

5. Then again, make some new friends.

Whether you’re back at home or still in the place where you graduated, it could be worth joining a local sports/social club where you’re likely to make new friends – put yourself out there.


6. Learn something new.

Just because you’ve finished 3 years full of pain, sweat and tears, there’s no reason as to why you have to stop learning. With so much free time this will provide you with a great opportunity to learn a new language, instrument or skill. Find something you enjoy and it may end up benefiting you long term as well – who knows; it could be something to add to that ever-growing CV.

7. Get outside more.

With university being such a busy time for students, juggling lectures, assignments, a social life and in most occasions even a part time job, it can be sometimes difficult to just go outside, take in some air and just think about life for a bit. Try going for a peaceful walk or a long bike ride without thinking about how late you’re going to be for your 9am lecture. Or pre-drinks.


8. Travel.

Of course this was going to be on the list but hear me out… Yes it sounds like a great idea to travel the world for a year straight after university, but this doesn’t have to be the case for everyone; at times it can be quite costly and can even cause you to stray from your career aspirations. But travelling nonetheless is an incredible opportunity to really find out what you want – and what better time to do it than right now?

9. Explore more of the country.

If travelling the world doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, there are plenty lovely places to visit just for the day. If you’re from down south, there are some great places like York, The Wirral or Chester, if you’re from ‘up north’ there are loads of cool places in London for day visits – and if London isn’t your ideal place there are always locations like Brighton and Nottingham, which will easily occupy you for a day. This will mix things up and you’ll probably learn a lot, while getting you away from where you’re based for a bit.


10. Write a blog.

Everyone has different experiences after finishing university; whether you’re still on the job hunt, or in your first few months of a full-time job, by writing your own blog it would help you to express your feelings, and just in general let out anything that you’re keeping inside all day. And (once again) it’ll only boost your CV.

11. And finally, relax

Post-university life can be an extremely hectic time – it can be easy to get upset or stressed out if things aren’t going your way. Take your time with everything for once. Have a lie in, chill for a bit, do ‘you’ for a while. You made it, you graduated – you deserve a break!


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