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15 Things You’ll Experience If You Go To University With A Home Friend

University wouldn’t be the same without your home friend being around.

1. Arriving at university is daunting enough, but it’s easier knowing that a friendly face is nearby.

When you need a break from Freshers’ chat, your home friend will be there to talk about something other than what halls you’re in and what course you’re on.

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2. Having a friend from home is a great way to expand your social circle.

You introduce them to your friends and they introduce you to theirs and hey presto, you’ll never be stuck on who to invite to pres again!

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3. No matter what’s going on at university, keeping up with home gossip is always on the agenda. 

Your university friends just won’t understand the drama.



4. Years of being together at school means lots of private jokes that will be continued throughout university.

No matter how much you try to explain it, you won’t get as much of a laugh as you would with your home friend.

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5. When you and your friend from home go on a night out at university, you know no limits.

You’ve been together for all of your drinking experiences, right from your first WKD. Now that you haven’t got a parent’s house to go home to, you can trade in the WKD’s for a litre of vodka.

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6. Having two of you at the same university means that when others come to visit, it’s twice as messy.

It’s even better when your university and home mates get on.

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7. You’ve known each other so long that you have no boundaries.

Neither of you will bat an eye when the other one comes in to pee when you’re shaving your armpits…

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8. You’ll never be lonely as you have a permanent travel buddy.

Because those long car and train journeys just wouldn’t be the same if you were by yourself.

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9. When you’re at home, you have another person to help you brag about how good your university city is.

It’s always great that someone will instantly back you up on how good-looking the guys are and how cheap the drink deals can be!

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10. Sleepovers are still a regular thing, especially now that you have your own accommodation.

No matter how drunk you get on a night out you will always remember the way to your home friend’s flat to relive those Year 8 sleepovers. Only at these, you wake up to a banging headache instead of a parent cooking you breakfast.

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11. When second year comes, the possibility of living together means that every day is sleepover day.

You have dreamt of this since you were 13…

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12. Even if you don’t live with your home friends, you’ll always have their house to go to when you need to let off some steam.

If they could help you get over that guy who broke up with you in Year 9, they can help you get over the frustration of your flatmates not washing the dishes.

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13. You’ll always have someone there in your time of need.

Whether you’re too drunk or need a shoulder to cry on, your home friend will always be there.

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14. When the time comes for university friends to stalk old Facebook photos, you’re in this together.

Greasy fringes, spotty faces, and questionable outfits; at least you’ve stuck by each other through the hard times.

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15. And when you finally graduate, you’ll always have someone to reminisce on how amazing your years at university were.

And you both begin to seriously consider applying for the same job, because you couldn’t imagine a day without each other.

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