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15 Places You Should Eat When Hungover In Norwich

You’re hungover, you’re hungry and you definitely don’t want to be faffing about in your kitchen cooking. There are so many options to choose from in Norwich, which is awesome but here are a few that stand out and will definitely get you over that nasty Wednesday or Sunday morning hangover.

1. Campus Kitchen.

Right on campus. Known and loved by all UEA students. You know they’ll have something fairly priced to ease that morning after headache.

2. The Bell Hotel.

Everyone loves a trip down ‘spoons. You won’t be able to turn down cheap pub grub. Full English? Nachos? Just a bowl of chips? If you’re craving it, they probably have it.

3. Grosvenor Fish Bar.

A Norwich favourite for a lot of people. Great British fish and chips done the way it’s meant to be. And check out the basement, it’s very cool and if the bright light of day is too much for you, you can hide away down there with a massive load of tasty chips.

4. Moorish Falafel Bar.

We know some of you haven’t got the best stomachs the day after the night before. If you fancy something a little lighter but equally as delicious then Moorish is perfect.

5. The Bicycle Shop.

This little gem on St. Benedicts Street has a wide array of drool worthy food on offer. As well as looking adorable and offering second hand board games to play while you eat and drink.

6. Mambo Jambo.

A Mexican and South American themed restaurant and before you think you might be offending anyone by showing up here the food is too good to be offensive. Self described as ‘a hot ‘n’ hoping place to eat’.

7. The Waffle House.

If your mouth isn’t watering just after reading the name then you clearly don’t know what’s good for you. The Waffle House is famous in Norwich for serving the best of the best sweet and savoury waffles there can be. Even if you wake up with a massive hangover you should crawl into town for a taste sensation.

8. Captain America’s Hamburger Heaven.

Many a morning you’ve craved a good old fashioned American style burger but alas you haven’t had one to hand. Well cry no more, Captain America’s is here to help satisfy your hangover needs.

9. Loving Hut.

Don’t be put off by the word vegan. This fast growing chain of locally sourced, organic and healthy foods is not only super green but also incredibly tasty and affordable. With the all you can eat buffet at only £5.50 you can stuff your face to your hearts desire with all the tasty dishes on offer.

10. West Cornwall Pasty Company.

Everyone likes a pasty. And the Cornish know how they’re meant to be done. So the next time your hungover cravings are of the pastry variety head on down to the West Cornwall Pasty Company for a bite to eat.

11. Mulberry.

The Mulberry Garden is a gastropub with top notch food and a very fancy interior and exterior (for the rare sunny days). Grab some locally sourced pub grub that’s a step up at this foodie heaven.

12. Iron House.

Originally a bakery and then a popular pub in 1869 this eatery doesn’t just have an impressive history but also a relaxed, modern atmosphere with tonnes of meals to choose from that’ll get your mouth watering.

13. Chihuahua Burritos.

A classic Mexican street food vendor straight out of Norwich. Often seen at feast on the street and taking up shop in Adnams on unthank road until xmas these burritos are not just for Chihuahuas. Gorge yourself on all the Mexican grub you can and if you really can’t get out of bed they’ll deliver.

14. Strangers Coffee House.

Famous for its expertly brewed coffee Strangers also serves a really great selection of panini to go along with that helpful morning caffeine boost.

15. Olives.

The best way to cure a hangover is always a full english and Olive’s really knows how to satisfy that need. With that said the menu is full of delicious brunches and lunches if you haven’t been able to force yourself awake until far gone breakfast time.

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